Life Update: November 19th, 2017

This past semester has been one of the most trying semesters of my college experience. I started the semester out with a teacher who doesn't speak English trying to teach me how to use illustrator and an academic advisor who literally could not care less about weather or not I will graduated in the spring. … Continue reading Life Update: November 19th, 2017

It’s November 1st

Hallmark is playing Christmas Movies and I am sitting here watching them on Halloween... don't judge me. Walmart and Hobby Lobby already has Christmas Trees and Decorations and Christmas is in 55 Days! It's almost my favorite time of the year!

October 24, 2012

October 23, 2017 I sat down with one of my best friends for dinner the other night after attending a campus event held my another sorority. I had sat through that event and thought about how as a senior this was one of the last events like this I would be attending as a collegiate … Continue reading October 24, 2012

Let’s Talk About the “2” New Taylor Swift Songs

Okay so I have loved Taylor since she was Tim McGraw Taylor, I follow her on all social media and so of course I noticed along with the rest of the "swifties" when it all disappeared suddenly last month. I also noticed equally as quickly when she posted for the first time in a while … Continue reading Let’s Talk About the “2” New Taylor Swift Songs

I Tried Hello Fresh And This Is What Happened…

So I am in college and in college its hard to find time to sleep let alone eat a healthy or home cooked meal. And forget going to the grocery store, its like a war zone in there. So we end up eating what ever our hands reach first on the frozen food isle or … Continue reading I Tried Hello Fresh And This Is What Happened…

Disney World Vacation 2017

Hey ya'll! So I have been on vacation in my favorite place in the world, Disney World. I try to go at least once a year and have been going for years so we have figured out most of the do's and don'ts of Disney World. I have done a post about how to get … Continue reading Disney World Vacation 2017

Warning: This is a life changing dessert recipe post… Proceed with caution.

So I know I have been MIA for a few weeks but I have been busy with finals, then I went to New York, and came home and started a new job at Wild Wing Cafe. But I am back now and done with school for a bit so I will be able to post … Continue reading Warning: This is a life changing dessert recipe post… Proceed with caution.

Denim and Stripes

So everyone thought the denim mini skirt died in the early 2000's but its back. Okay so it's not really a mini skirt but still its denim. The skirt is from a local store here in Statesboro called Dish. I love this look. It is so comfortable but classy. The top is from Entourage and … Continue reading Denim and Stripes