Typical Sorority Girl Post: Flask Painting

Disclaimer: this is the first one I have ever painted and feel like I could do better.

My sorority formal is this weekend and in celebration, I painted a really cute flask. Similar to the cooler painting phenomenon I am going to give y’all my how to guide.  So I started out with a plain stainless steel flask that I bought from the camping section at Walmart. Make sure it’s smooth because that will make the paint stick better.

So you will need: Stainless Steel Flask, Acrylic Paint, Modpodge in whatever finish you prefer (I used glossy), and an Idea of what you want to put on it.

Now that you have all of your supplies start by painting your base coat. This is what color you want the background to be. Do one coat, let it dry and do another.


This is my First Coat of Paint

Once both coats have dried paint a coat of mod podge on and let it dry for at least an hour otherwise you will have a sticky mess. The mod podge will be what keeps the paint from chipping.

Next, paint your design on. I went to Pinterest for ideas and came up with a Lion King theme because that is my favorite Disney movie. I used a sharp paint pen but you can use a brush, I just prefer to write letters with a pen.

After I did the lettering and all I put two more coats of mod podge over it to seal it and here we go newly painted flask.



On the back of the flask, I painted Formal 2017.

I think that it work really nicely for formal and be really cute. I would probably do a different design if I went back and re-did it but I will probably paint myself a cooler for the summer. I will make sure to do a post about that too.

If you want to make extra sure that your flask’s paint won’t chip off I would suggest buying a sealant that you can find in the spray paint isle. I would definitely use it for a cooler but on this mod podge should be just fine. Oh! and FYI in spray paint isle, they have really great glitter spray paint that doesn’t chip and I think that would be really cute on a flask too.  I have done several projects with it and it is phenomenal.


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