Denim and Stripes

So everyone thought the denim mini skirt died in the early 2000’s but its back. Okay so it’s not really a mini skirt but still its denim. The skirt is from a local store here in Statesboro called Dish. I love this look. It is so comfortable but classy. The top is from Entourage and of course is paired with gold Jacks. I think that this look would also be cute with white converse or Keds and would also make it easy for walking. Great for summer. I also really love this top with white jeans and it looks extra springy.

Look 1

I also wore a really cute beaded wrap choker and a black choker to finish off this look.

I am also trying a new hairstyle. A few months ago I cut off eight inches of my hair. Its starting to grow back now and I really need to get my highlights re-done but I decided to start parting it down the middle. I keep seeing celebrity photos and other people with it and it is so cute!

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