My name is Haleigh Neal and I am originally from Wrens, Georgia. If y’all don’t know where that is it’s basically about 30 miles south of Augusta (where the Masters are played). I am 21 year old and I attend Georgia Southern University. I am Fashion Merchandising Major with a Marketing Minor and I am in my junior year. I am also a member of Alpha Omicron Pi, a greek organization at my college better know as a Sorority. I have a one year old dog named Chapman, who I rescued from the animal shelter in Bulloch County and he has is very own Instagram (@chapman_brown). He got a bit bigger than I expected and he and I live in a very small one bedroom apartment. I am an only child, maybe a bit spoiled, but I was not a huge fan of the roommate experience freshman year and so I ventured out one my own (really good decision btw). Since I am a Fashion major I decided I wanted to start a fashion blog and so here we are. However, I don’t live a hugely glamorous life or any thing like that but I do have some good stories and ideas so hopefully y’all will find it all interesting.