My Favorite Things πŸŽ„

Since there are only 12 days left until Santa comes I decided to share a few things that make Christmas my favorite time of year! I have a a lot of things that get me in the Christmas Spirit so I decided to break it down into Categories: Music, Movies, Traditions, and Food of course. … Continue reading My Favorite Things πŸŽ„

Life Update: November 19th, 2017

This past semester has been one of the most trying semesters of my college experience. I started the semester out with a teacher who doesn't speak English trying to teach me how to use illustrator and an academic advisor who literally could not care less about weather or not I will graduated in the spring. … Continue reading Life Update: November 19th, 2017

It’s November 1st

Hallmark is playing Christmas Movies and I am sitting here watching them on Halloween... don't judge me. Walmart and Hobby Lobby already has Christmas Trees and Decorations and Christmas is in 55 Days! It's almost my favorite time of the year!

I’m On Bloglovin’ :)

Yay! Hopefully, this will create more traffic for my blog! What better to do than procrastinate all the homework I need to do than catch up on social media? πŸ™‚ My excuses: (1) it's Monday (2) class got cancelled (3) it's raining so I am in bed! <a href="">Follow my blog with Bloglovin</a>

Why Me?

I will go ahead and tell you this is not really a fun post so if that's what you're looking for keep scrolling. However, this is a personal post that I believe will not only help my readers learn a little bit more about me but also learn a few things about life too. So … Continue reading Why Me?

Typical Sorority Girl Post: Flask Painting

Disclaimer: this is the first one I have ever painted and feel like I could do better. My sorority formal is this weekend and in celebration, I painted a really cute flask. Similar to the cooler painting phenomenon I am going to give y'all my how to guide. Β So I started out with a plain … Continue reading Typical Sorority Girl Post: Flask Painting